Home Remedies For Bags Under Eyes

Many people get bags under eyes for various reasons. It’s can be caused by allergies, lack of certain vitamins, not enough sleep, aging, dehydration and more. It’s not uncommon for bags under eyes to appear, but they can leave you feeling self-conscious and you don’t want to neglect the issue. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to eliminate dark circles around your eyes; there are plenty of items in the kitchen that you can use that are natural, effective and inexpensive.

Simple Natural Remedies

Cold Water

Use a damp cloth that has been soaked in cold water and put it on both of your eyes for 10 minutes before you go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning your eye bags will be gone. You can also dip a spoon in cold water for a minute, then place the spoon on your eye and lightly roll it around for a minute.


Cucumber is known as nature’s skin cosmetic and it can eliminate bags under eyes in record time. Simply slice a cold cucumber and put it on your eyes for 10 minutes.

Hemorrhoid Cream

This probably sounds bizarre, but it’s actually effective. Bags are caused by loss of elasticity in the under eye skin, the cream helps tighten skin by constricting the blood vessels and reducing the swelling that contributes to bags under eyes. Use this method with caution because it can be irritating to the sensitive under eye skin.

Tea Bags

If you drink a lot of tea, don’t just throw the bag away – reuse them as an under eye bag remedy. Put your tea bags in the refrigerator until cool (or overnight) and then apply them to your eyes for 15 minutes.


Homemade Natural Face Mask

Tomatoes and Lemon

If you read the ingredients of many skin products you will find tomato. That’s because it has moisturizing and rejuvenating properties such as vitamin A and vitamin B that can contribute to getting rid of unwanted eye bags.


  • Fresh Tomato Juice
  • Lemon juice


  1. Create a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice
  2. Apply every morning or night before you wash your face
  3. Leave it on for an hour then wash your face

Olive Oil, Honey, and Potatoes

You’re probably familiar with the beauty advantages of honey and olive oil, but potato might seem unconventional. Potatoes are packed full of vitamin A, antioxidants, and carotene, and has many benefits for your skin. You can use this mask 2 times per week.


  • 1 small-medium potato
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. of honey


  1. Peel the potato and grate it finely
  2. Mix the potato with the tbsp. of honey and olive oil. (Hint: Use enough olive oil to keep the mask looking like a paste)
  3. Apply under your eyes
  4. Leave on for half an hour
  5. Wash with warm water

Almond Oil and Lemon Juice

This mask best effectively combats bags under eyes caused from smoking, coffee and alcohol and dehydration, though it can help dark circles stemming from any cause. In lemons you get the Vitamin C, B, calcium, magnesium, proteins, and phosphorous. Almond Oil brings Vitamin E, as well as other essential minerals.


1 tbsp. almond oil

1 tsp. lemon juice


Mix 1 tbsp. almond oil with 1 tsp. lemon juice

Apply it every night before going to bed

Milk and Baking Soda

These two natural ingredients are known for their cheap but effective beauty benefits. Milk contains Vitamins A, D, and E, which are the most common vitamins used in skin products.


  • ¼ Cup Milk (any milk percentage is fine)
  • 4 tbsp. Baking Soda


  1. Mix the milk with 4 tbsp. of baking soda
  2. Mix with a fork or whisk until smooth and creamy consistency
  3. Chill in refrigerator foe 20 minutes
  4. Apply evenly around the around the eyes and let sit for 15 minutes
  5. Rinse with cool water

These 100% natural remedies are extremely easy to make, inexpensive and effective.  There is no reason to spend money on expensive cosmetic products when there are so many products that help to eliminating bags under eyes right in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator. These simple eye mask and remedies will take years off your age and leave you feeling confident. It’s important to remember that if you have chronic bags under eyes this could be caused by underlying conditions such as heredity, age, etc. and you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, use these natural remedies with assurance.

Bags Under Eyes Make People Look Tired & Old

There are a lot of things that can make you look old and tired. It could be something as basic as your clothing – did you know that certain clothing styles and types of clothing can make you a little bit older? If you want to look younger, you probably need to use certain clothes that have a younger look to them. Clothes are not value neutral; they say a lot about the person wearing them; that’s why it’s very important to pick out our wardrobe based on the messages that wardrobe would send and one of these messages, of course, is our age and youthfulness.

Bags Under Eyes

Another factor that makes you look older is your posture. If you really have bad posture and you’re also wearing clothes that make you look older, then, guess what, you’re going to look older, and not just that, you’re going to look more tired also. So if you want to look older and more active, then you have to straighten that back, walk with confidence and wear the right clothes. Your face is also another factor that makes you look tired and old; there is no hiding it. There are certain elements on your face that will make you look older. One of the most common indicators of old age is having bags under eyes.
Bags Under Eyes

Lines communicate aging

If you have lines on your face, it will communicate to people and they will instinctually perceive it as aging. That is just part of how we’re hardwired, because that’s a part of human existence. Throughout history, whenever people see those with lines on their faces, then, automatically, they will add a few years to their actual age. That’s the way it is – based on hardwired experience and, also, cultural expectations. That’s why it’s very important if you want to look less tired and younger, then you need to do something about those lines on your face. This is made even worse when they’re coupled with bags under the eyes.

Droopy eyes connote tiredness

If you have bags under eyes, you will look droopy; you will look like you have not been sleeping well and you will look tired. What’s even worse is that bags under the eyes trigger the age-old perception of being older. So, the key here is to sleep a little longer, avoid stress, and make sure that you use the right moisturizer to ensure proper moisture level and help the body repair itself. Your skin is actually repairing itself already and you just need to lend it a helping hand to fully revitalize, and rejuvenate itself. It can do wonders for bags under eyes.

Saggy skin means less collagen

Collagen makes your skin look youthful. How? It makes it tighter, but a little fluffy in some areas. Really youthful skin has an overall tight shape but it is puffy in the right areas. When you get older, you get puffy in the right areas like bags under eyes and saggy everywhere else, so if you want to get tighter and younger looking skin you need to invest in collagen – either through injections or collagen masks – to boost your skin’s regeneration.

What Causes of Bags Under Eyes

With many things in life, we may think that we know the explanation of something, but in reality, a wide range of things could cause the same effect. Take bags under eyes:  many people think that if somebody has bags in their eyes, that they lack sleep and all they need to do is sleep it off and they would look younger and fresher. Truth of the matter is lack of sleep is just one factor; in fact, there are four major factors that cause bags under eyes: lack of sleep, aging, prolonged sun exposure, and prolonged stress.

Causes of Bags Under Eyes

Causes of Bags Under Eyes

Lack of sleep

This is a no-brainer; if you stay up late for a prolonged number of nights, then your face will look tired. This is part of your body sending you a signal that it needs to rest; it is not designed to stay up twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. You need to rest and not just resting within a twenty four hour period, but also resting within the week; just like a machine that you keep turned on all the time, it’s bound to slowdown and, eventually, it will break out if you don’t take care of it. Lack of sleep is causes of bags under the eyes, because your skin’s moisture and over-all nutrition level suffers when you stay up for too long.


As you age, a lot of your body’s processes won’t function optimally as before. A lot of this can be due to lifestyle; if you smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, stay up late all the time, or just subject your body to lots of punishment, then guess what, your body’s going to respond. You will still be alive, but your aging process would pick up. Things that harm your body may not necessarily kill it, but there is going to be a cost to pay, so it’s extremely important that, if you want to age gracefully, you have to take good care of your body – treat it as a personal temple. Bags under the eyes are not unavoidable; you can age gracefully. There are certain people that look very good in their seventies, or even nineties; it’s all about how you take care of yourself, so take care of the aging process. But yes, aging does cause bags under eyes under normal circumstances.

Prolonged sun exposure

If you’re very harsh to your skin, then it is going to be harsh back to you. Sure, it feels great to spend a lot of time under the sun – looking bronzed and tanned – but there is going to be a price to pay down the road, because your skin’s collagen gets broken down and your internal mechanism slows down that your skin, eventually, becomes unable to repair itself to maintain a tighter and younger look. This, finally, will cause bags under the eyes. So, if you want to prevent bags under eyes from forming, then stay away from the sun, as much as possible.


Prolonged stress

You stress out your skin in a variety of ways – living in a heavily polluted area, with lots of particulates in the air; applying makeup and taking it off wrong; or a wrong beauty regiment. All of these can add up, together with mental and lifestyle stress, and causes the formation of bags under eyes. The solution to this is by, simply, doing the opposite – avoid stress.

How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

If you want to get rid of bags under eyes, it is not as simple as you think. Too many people think that all you need to do is take a certain pill, undergo a certain lifestyle change, or a procedure and, all of a sudden, they will disappear. It’s not that simple; short of surgery, bags under the eyes need a holistic approach. If you want to get rid of bags under your eyes, you need to approach it from many different avenues. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use a combination of the following approaches:


Under Eye Bags that make people look like tired and old. Look out here, I will tell you How to get rid of Bags under eyes.

Under Eye Bags that make people look like tired and old. Look out here, I will tell you How to get rid of Bags under eyes.

Frequent facials

Your body is constantly repairing itself. If you sleep right, and apply on your skin the right moisturizers, and skin products. It gives your skin a hand up in repairing itself; your skin, actually, does a good job of clearing away the dead layer and replacing it with much younger looking skin. The problem is that as you grow older, there is a lot more environmental and lifestyle stress combined with the slowing of your body processes due to aging that your body is no longer able to keep up with the skin regeneration needed to maintain a younger look. If you get frequent facials, this will definitely help the process of skin regeneration.


Develop healthy skin habits

If you have the right habits of taking care of your skin, it can help remove bags under eyes. It means you have to use the right moisturizers, the right exfoliation schedule – where you get your skin scrubbed at a regular basis. If you do this, then again, you’re helping your skin regenerate itself. At the end of the day, it is your skin that is making you look younger; it’s not solely your actions, but your skin and body repairing itself. You just need to give it a helping hand.


Get enough sleep

In addition of getting the proper levels of sleep hormones, getting enough sleep is important to better living, especially if you want to get rid of bags under eyes. Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping – your metabolism slows down and all sorts of hormonal processes take place. You need to let these kick in by giving yourself enough time to get rest. Unfortunately, many people have very busy lifestyles and schedules, and if the repair process gets short circuited, then your body is going to pay the price – there is no way around it. You want to get rid of bags under the eyes? Get enough sleep.


Don’t stress your skin

Your skin is under a lot of stress. Getting exposed to sunlight for extend periods of time, and exposing your skin to pollutants in the air are examples of how your skin can get stressed. Even putting make up stresses it. If you want to get rid of bags under the eyes then don’t stress your skin – avoid or minimize these – and get on the road to better skin health.

Vegetable and fruit heavy diet

Vegetables and fruits, actually, help your body’s overall nutrition and one key system that this plant heavy diet really boosts is your body’s ability to heal itself. Vitamin C is a crucial element in tissue development, regeneration and healing. That’s why it’s very important, that if you want to remove bags under the eyes, and develop tighter skin to boost your skin’s regeneration rate, by increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

You might want to purchase some blonde hair to improve your appearance but you may not know what will look great on you. In this case, you need to follow a number of subtle tips to land blonde hair color that suits you most. As such, this article offers a few tips to guide you as you select the best blonde hair color. Read on to discover more blonde hair color ideas (http://neonhairdesign.com).

Taylor Swift with Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Taylor Swift with Blonde Wavy Bob Hairstyles
source: http://www.neonhairdesign.com/flattering-blonde-bob-hairstyles/blonde-wavy-bob-hairstyles/

First, you need to choose your blonde hair color according to the tone of your skin. This means that you should not go for what you saw a look great on other and know that your skin color is different from that of others. For instance, if you are blessed with warm, yellowish-brownish-golden undertones, your need to go for warm blonde hair so as to avoid looking tired or, even worse, like a corpse. If you have an olive complexion, you will look grand in colors that look shiny or ashy.

Secondly, you need to pick two or three complimentary shades to go well with your blonde hair. Note that natural hair is not completely black, brown, red or grey. This is the case if you have not dyed your hair. If you want to change your hair dramatically and yet keep your natural appearance, you then have to find at least two complimentary shades to make your hair retain its natural hue. This is the reason why you need to go for shades of different colors.

Finally, you should remember that easy is not necessarily the best. If you want something that looks really amazing, then you should know that you are not going to find it packed in a box. As such, you need to follow all the directions given and observe patience until you attain it all. Good luck as you goes shopping!

Why You Should Try Blonde Hair With Lowlights

If you are a blonde who wants a change that is not too big, you might want to shift to blonde hair with low lights. This is a perfect way that will make your blonde tones to pop. if you talk to any consultant, they will tell you that lowlighting is the best way to increase the depth and dimension of blonde hair. Definitely, this is what everyone who cares about the way they look wants. It is a perfect way for people who are tired of the same old look but who still are proud to be blonde.

Blonde hair with highlights

Blonde hair with highlights

One of the biggest advantages of lowlighting is that it effectively revitalizes your hair. After years of high lift action, there is no doubt that the effect on your hair will be noticeable. At this point, all that you need is a break that will allow the hair to recover from all the strain that has been applied to it. It also is a great way of maximizing your hair’s protential. to achieve this, you might want to have some fun while at it. There is nothing serious when it comes to this process. For instance, you can try some creative placements and color blocking to come up with a completely unique look.

In fact, blonde hair with lowlights is a perfect way to take you looks to the next level. You can use fiery copper tones and pastel hues to achieve a stellar look. There is no doubt ttat such a move will give you a guatanteed shine. You should not forget that at the end of it all, the lowlighting process is supposed to inspire you. You need to come up with a look that defines who you are and which shows your confidence in your choices. You definitely will like your new look. (relate this article: http://www.neonhairdesign.com/simple-guides-to-bleach-blonde-hair-with-lowlights/)

Natural Black Hair Hairstyles For Black Women

More black women are adopting their natural hair, abandoning relaxers that chemically straighten their hair for natural black hair styles that embrace their culture, heritage as well as their curly and kinky roots.

Black hair styles are specific simply because they mostly have curly fur but it doesn’t imply that they can’t try beautiful hair styles. One black promenade hair do that is mostly adopted is half and half style. It may give a remarkable turn to the black teens in the promenade evening.

You will find lots of black hair styles to select from within this era. These options include black hair weave styles, braided hair styles, natural hair styles, fades, long hair styles and short hair styles. Using these many options hair stylist have come up with a gallery of styles to complement any fashion statement. read more > http://shorthaircutsforwomentips.com/finding-the-best-haircuts-for-women/

Although no firm amounts exist, anecdotal evidence claim that natural black hair and hair styles are not only a fad it is a altering change in the manner that black women put on their hair.

Black hair is really a $10 billion industry, based on industry figures. The purchase of black hair items that focus on natural hair and black hair keeps growing, simultaneously that relaxer sales are sliding.

Since five years ago, the purchase of hair relaxers that straighten the hair by using chemicals have 12 % dropped, based on Mintel, a Chicago-based researching the market firm. But, while natural hair is rising, many Black women seek more details about styles and Black hair care practices for their chemical-free tresses.

Weight loss black women embrace black hair care and styling of natural hair, there’s a restored curiosity about natural black hair styles. Frequently, the styling tools, techniques and items that labored when their hair was chemically straightened out either aren’t effective or should be modified to accommodate their chemical-free tresses.

Consequently black hair styles and black hair care practices should be modified to suit the requirements of natural hair.

Black Hairstyles For Women With Natural Black Hair

Here are couples of popular styles and just how to produce them.

  • Clean and Go: Utilizing a straightener, conditioner or gel, the word “clean and go” is not literal. Though, the hair is generally wet or damped along with a straightener is used to boost the hair’s natural curl pattern. It is among the popular natural styles due to its flexibility. A clean and go style, when protected during the night, can frequently last a few days with only a resisting water and/or product.
  • Bob Hair styles: The bob hair do is an extremely classy look. However there are lots of bob styles to select from. A vintage bob haircut may be the jaw line bob hair do. The leading face from the hair is cut short towards the eye brows and also the sides are cut the jaw line. The finishes in the jaw line is tapered up slightly to round from the style all over the mind. The leading can also be rounded slightly.
  • Updo: This can be a save style that lots of naturals use whenever a style does not provide them with the save that like. Using bobby pins or perhaps a headband, the hair is collected and guaranteed right into a bun. It is a perfect style for any occasion.
  • Twist and curl: This style is comparable to a twist out, however the hair is twisted and also the finishes are curled using paint rollers or perm rods. A twist and curl frequently works more effectively than the usual twist out since the finishes are curled, which makes it a very versatile style.
  • Puffs: A puff is yet another go-to create for many naturals due to its relative ease. A puff is certainly not but loose hair drawn back to a ponytail. The puff of loose hair could be styled a number of ways, in an instant, with no bang, inside a headband or perhaps in a ponytail.
  • Sets: Freshly cleaned hair is really a prime candidate for setting with perm rods along with other paint rollers. Usually, the hair is dripping wet, an environment product or holding representative is applied, paint rollers they fit on, and also the hair is dried. The best answers are when hair is dried with warmth, rather than air.
  • Twist outs: This style takes advantage of naturals’ curl designs. Utilizing a leave-in conditioner, straightener or hair butter (Shea butter, etc.), and this style is accomplished by damping, wetting and twisting the hair. When the hair is dry, it’s untwisted along with a curl pattern frequently results.
  • Twists: Many naturals desire protective styles that nurture their care. Black hair is usually dry, and lots of naturals favor styles like twists, which entail twisting two and three strands of hair around in one another inside a pattern that’s much like braiding – simply because they safeguard the hair. Twists really are a popular style since the hair could be twisted like a style or throughout washing.
  • Braids: Another protective style that lots of naturals use to keep their hair. Braids involve delicately twisting three strands of hair around one another.
  • Hair straightener (flat iron): Some naturals use heating tools for example pressing hair combs and flat irons to straighten their hair. Based upon the quantity of warmth used, naturally curly hair may become as straight because it would have a perm. It’s important to indicate that despite the fact that heating tools are utilized to achieve straight hair styles, the hair isn’t processed and it is therefore merely a temporary look. Typically, straight kinky hair will revert to curly if water can be used.
  • Bun: A typical style for many naturals may be the Updo. By using this style, a number of style techniques may be used, for example clean and go as well as twist outs. The only real difference would be that the hair is drawn up right into a loose or tight bun.
  • Natural black hair style – natural look happens when women stop relaxing their hair and begin using natural items which are natural and chemical free. You will find lots of styles to select from when striving for an all-natural hair style. Braiding is a very common occurrence for those doing natural hair style. You can easily care for and also the style look excellent. You will find lots of items for sale to help. Make sure have a look at the product and discover the way the product will react inside your hair.

Regardless of style, there’s more flexibility when styling natural black hair.